Who we are?

Who Are We?

After noticing the continuous and successive improvement of equipment and tools of kitchens, patissiers and baristas. We established a company aiming to serve restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and bakeries to supply them with all their needs in this field and to offer them ne idea that may distinguish them and lead them to success.

As a result of our experiences in this field, we offer the solutions and alternatives for any problem that may face the customer resulted from lack of tools and equipment, achieving perfection and improvement in all fields and services and offering our best products to our customers, as all what is matter is satisfying our customers which is objective that we will not abandon to achieve perfection not only success

We exert our best efforts to achieve our customer’s objectives and to meet their needs. We promise all of you to finish the required work with the highest quality level and efficiently. We also promise you to offer the best services and do whatever is required and whatever is new in the field of restaurants and hotels.

Kosta has an integrated and highly experienced working group in the field of restaurants, hotels and confectionaries. Moreover, we have the sufficient experience to offer what is new of tools and tables to the restaurants and hotels. We are also professionals in improving the technical specifications of the product and updating the tools and equipment to cope with the improvements in the field of kitchens, baristas, confectionaries and restaurants.

Our Objectives

  • Satisfying the customer and facilitate whatever obstructs his work improvement or his performance stability.

  • Diversifying products importation and improve the company’s financial performance.

  • Developing the human resources and improving the work in the company.

  • Offering technical perfect safe solutions that upgrade the performance level to the absolute quality to meet the needs of the customer.

  • Setting a new culture of exchanging information about new products between the customer and the company.

  • Achieving the objectives for our clients by the assistance of all the tools and equipment that will lead them to perfection in their work.

    For achieving these tasks, we allocate all our thoughts and energies to serve the customer and our motto is “for every problem there are thousands of solution”. Satisfying the customer is our objective to facilitate whatever obstruct his work improvement and his performance stability. So, offering solutions for any problem that may face the customer is an objective that we will not abandon to achieve perfection.

    The Company’s Administration